• Oleo Chemicals

    Based on renewable resources, Carolus Chemical provides fatty acids and distilled oils for the production of low emission alkydresin polyols, surfactants, fuel additives and lubricants.


    The Carolus Chemical extensive product range for the production of polymers and resin emulsions used in coatings, adhesives, textile, construction and paper industries, consists of anionic and nonionic surfactants as well as polymeric surfactants, defoamers, custom made blends, solvents and monomers.

  • Resins

    Our diverse range of resins and tackifiers are used in a variety of applications including adhesives for packaging, tapes and labels, coatings, roadmarking, inks, tires and rubber.

  • Optical

    Evaporation Materials for Thin Film Optical Coatings are metal-oxides, -fluorides and -sulphides used in vapor deposition process for the surface coating of lenses, mirrors and filter materials in the optical industries, laser technology, lighting and projection systems. Thin film coatings reduces reflections and enhance or influence the light transmission in the UV, visible and infrared range.

  • Functional Chemicals

    Functional Chemicals and Performance Intermediates meet the needs of our customers in a very wide range of industrial sectors such as resin and polymer manufacturing, production of phospate esters and derivatives, high performance coatings and colorants, additives, asphalt and bitumen formulations.


Fatty Acids


Distilled Oils

Oleo Chemicals

Anionic-, Nonionic-,

Polymeric Surfactants,

Defoamers, Blends,

Solvents & Monomers


Rosin Ester Tackifiers, Rosin Phenolic Resins, Modified Rosin Resins, Hydrocarbon Resins


Metal Oxides, Fluorides




…and Performance Intermediates: Monomers, Pigments, Phosphorics, Polyacrylates,


Functional Chemicals